Things I'm writing, considering, plotting, trying out, playing with, or working on somehow.

YA NOVEL: Snora and the Cruel Complications

Snora wakes up alone in a dark hospital. Chased by evil shadows and filled with terrible questions, she must discover secrets deep in her past. Keeping her friends Fanger, SADfoot, VERA, and the others close, she battles the darkness and makes an earth-shattering decision between her own pain and the pain of others, that will define the rest of her life. If she is even alive to begin with.

I have several other ideas on where to take the series after the first one. They are:

Tabby Cadabra and the Deviant Septum
LaghyDaffy and the Honkable Schnoz
JDawgtor and the Magic Eraser
ChaCha and the Crumbled Brew

YA NOVEL: Oh, the IndigniTREE!

There is only one thing a tree doesn't want to be when it grows up...toilet paper. Now the all-knowing city plans to do just that, without their consent. When a man named Hugh Barker shows up weilding an axe, they break a centuries-old code to exact their pound of flesh. Only, Hugh isn't the man they thought. He's just a guy who screws up everything and has no clue in life. Hugh and Betsy (his guitar), he must navigate a bewildering future and save the trees from losing theirs, all before the chainsaws come calling.

Short-Stories: Children of the Stair

Bedtime horror stories for parents, written in ye old english-style poetry, these tales of sardonic humor will resonate with lovers of Poe or Lovecraft. Children are of course the villains of this universe, and are out for blood, or at least to make sure you never sleep soundly again. For a parent with a day job, what's the difference?

Novel: Vigil Annie

A classic story of a street-wise girl crossed by the wrong people. She tries to find peace in religion and violence, and learns that there are merits and problems to both.

Novel: The Patron Saint

A zombie ravaged world is left with few survivors. A scientist goes to extreme lengths to try to save the lost cause of humanity after discovering that the answer to reversing the plague is hidden in one of the brains now roaming the countryside. He must find the woman he loves to save her and humankind before time and sickness end his life. Even after he's gone, he has a plan to use technology to continue his research with AI and his memories. A trippy tale filled with zombies, science, technology, ethics, and what it means to love.

Novel Series: The Crzytalis Paragon (Earthsoul Saga)

Deep beneath the surface of the earth hums the God Machine with slow rhythm. No one living on earth has any idea the awful things it is capable of or where it came from. Polly learns the machine's undoing will release the most evil that has walked any planet. She is the Eldest, but has no idea what that means. She alone can stop the fallout and keep the universe on course, if she survives.