Drugs or Jesus?

I heard a comedian on the radio talking about whether or not you should take pain killers or simply trust Jesus to fix your hurting back. Far from being just a comic sketch, it is also a philosophical question I find interesting.

The question isn't even if you should take drugs for pain, or if Jesus can, will, does, or should heal. This is a false dichotomy. Why must you either live in pain and "depend" on Jesus to magically heal you, or live with drugs that help take away the pain and feel the guilt of "not believing" in God enough for him to fix it forever?

If you understand from Christian teachings that Jesus made the world and everything in it, and is indirectly -- at the very least -- responsible for everything that is created and whatever comes of the science and research that humans do, doesn't that mean medicine? Miracles in the west are not in the forms people expect, so we miss the magic happening all around us because it isn't done with a wand or sparkling particles.

Is it so hard to believe that Jesus may have orchestrated events that made the pain-killing goodness of drugs possible in the first place? This allows you to be pain-free, guilt-less, and see things in a more accurate light at the same time. Sure, this is possibly the same logic that might have caused the endless love-fest of the 1960's that was a front for bad behavior at best. It could also be the right way to see things.

Why would you wait for a rescue from angels when God sends a helicopter? The reason we miss divine providence is that it wears everyday clothes. We have far too small a view, or as C.S. Lewis said, "we are far too easily pleased."

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