Resin Art

I all the sudden started making resin art in 2019. Not sure why, but my wife sent me a simple course on how to get started making resin art, and I had already been researching it. I jumped in and tried it and I guess fell in love with it. Here are all the photos of pieces I’ve finished.

My Kids

The greatest work of art I will create in my life — how ever long it will be — are my children. Not necessarily because they are good looking (though I think they are by most standards). I haven’t been running a make-up brand for kids. #umWeird. I have spent my life on them, shaping their souls. I care deeper about what kind of people they are. They will be the best thing I’ve ever done. From practical household DIY skills to emotional stability, to honesty and learning to enjoy themselves, laughing at their humanity, and using failure to build skills, learning to love, building their souls, their hearts, their lives is my highest aim. They are my masterpiece, my magnum opus.