Accept Cookies. Now! #diabetic

I don't know if you've been on the web lately, but everywhere I go forces me to accept cookies. I'm sorry, but I'm diabetic. I CAN'T accept cookies. It gives me anxiety and a little bit of stomach acid to click "PLEASE GO THE FRICK AWAY" on every single cookie notice. Thanks UK. It is totally the GDPR's fault. I mean, sure, people should know when cookies are in use. But why not everything else?

If I use LocalStorage or … Continue Reading...

Not Sleeping

If you've ever wondered how someone could be so crazy as to do something insane, I know firsthand how it is possible. When you don't sleep well, it is hard to keep reality straight.

Sleep is tricky, because technically we aren't there for it, but we are. You can think you sleep just fine all the time, but not be getting the benefit of quality sleep. It isn't just about the light/darkness in the room, the temperature, softness of bedding, … Continue Reading...

Blood Meters Be Crazy

This morning my blood meter tells me:

"Your glucose level is a bit high. One call to a coach could bring it down. Do you want to connect now?"

- Insane Blood Meter

Um, excuse me...hi, card-carrying diabetic here. If I call a coach, then my blood sugar will come down magically? I don't think so. My blood is almost always at the same level every day, so I call bologna. Okay, maybe that's too strong a word. I'm a … Continue Reading...