Blood Meters Be Crazy

This morning my blood meter tells me:

"Your glucose level is a bit high. One call to a coach could bring it down. Do you want to connect now?"

- Insane Blood Meter

Um, excuse me...hi, card-carrying diabetic here. If I call a coach, then my blood sugar will come down magically? I don't think so. My blood is almost always at the same level every day, so I call bologna. Okay, maybe that's too strong a word. I'm a diabetic with weight issues, let's just leave bologna and processed meats out of this completely, okay?

I think this is evidence of medical service providers overstepping their God-given abilities and thinking they can phone call my blood sugar off the edge and back down into the land of the living where NORMAL people live.

Not to mention STRANGER DANGER! Now why would I call someone I don't know to get them to tell me how to do better at things they personally have no clue about (my specific situation)? Sure, they have my glucose number but ZERO context on my life, my day, what caused that number and what is controllable and what isn't. They are clueless.

I wish the meter would say things like, had a donut huh? Or three. Well, let's go right to laughing about this, eh? Maybe over some celery, shall we? THAT would make a difference in my day, even if I didn't have a donut (Which I didn't). At least this would help me make light of a bad situation that is MY LIFE with this disease. That is what us sugar-walruses need. Encouragement, understanding, not guilt. That's why we have mothers, and religion, and children.

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