Good Enough is in the Eye of the Beholder?

I have a hard time knowing what to post about. I use to write for AOL as a job, but beyond that, there isn’t much of substance I’ve posted. I’ve done blogs, YouTube, video courses on Udemy, a few medium posts, snacks of content on a few places here are there, but nothing long-running or significant from a length or value perspective. I wish there was. I’d like to know that my thoughts, ideas, and life experiences were out there for anyone else to enjoy or learn from, I guess. I feel like I’ve been dishonest by keeping everything I […] Read More


I feel like I have this continual problem, that I can’t seem to find my place in the world. Everything I do seems to be abnormal or odd in some way. I find it hard to leave blog posts up because I don’t feel like the me in that post is an accurate reflection of me today. I’ve been called a chameleon before, because I change, morph and adapt to everything constantly. Sounds fun and edgy right? Well, it ends up being bad. Because I take in the world, process and respond to it I have a hard time filtering […] Read More

GTLive logo in CSS

No images were harmed (or used) in the making of this css art. Codepen link:

Customize WordPress Themes without Breaking Anything

My first technical book covering how to edit and modify your own WordPress themes and updating your theme edits without losing your changes. It is only $0.99 if you’re interested in learning the basics of WordPress theme editing. Customize WordPress Themes without Breaking Anything Once you’ve learned the basics of WordPress, and you know how to get around, then what? What if you want to alter your theme to fine tune your site and get exactly what you want? Remove a sidebar, or change widget formatting? What if you want to change colors and the theme doesn’t offer it as […] Read More

Lorem Ipsum: A Love Story

I have used lorem ipsum generators tons of times to generate placeholder text for use in web designs. After a while, I guess this played on my mind, and I started to see a story in the text I was copying from mostly One — dark and stormy — night I generated a paragraph of lorem ipsum and pasted it into Sublime (my favorite text editor)¬†for my latest web project. This story is the result. Any words you don’t recognize are likely the latin from the lorem ipsum generator. I used them as they sounded to me at the […] Read More

Jeenome and the Dark White Day

My first short story is available on Amazon now, and you can get it for $0.99 from now on! Kindle it, download it, and let me know what you think of it. Jeenome and the Dark White Day Jeenome is a gnome, short in tallness, yet a whimsical soul telling stories to passengers on ships to lighten their journey to the dreary Wetlands. Her serendipity leads her to forget where she is or when to get off the boat so engrossed in telling her stories. When twilight falls she is gone without a single clue, abducted by a dark force […] Read More