The rocks cry out, like actually. – Luke 19:28-40

There is a verse in the bible that has always bothered me. There are many of them to be sure, but not because I don’t agree with them, but because I don’t understand them. When Jesus entered the city of Jerusalem on a borrowed colt — often called the Triumphal Entry or Palm Sunday — people thought the king had finally come, so they lay down their coats in the road as a gesture of respect and deference. Finally, their homeboy from backwoods nowhere would call down some righteous fire and end the Roman occupation they were sick of. That […]

Don’t touch…kinda

I am not a very “touchy person”. Most people close enough to me know that I am not one for hugs or physical contact. I wish I was. I just have never been that kind of person. Not sure why. Besides that, I deal with many medical issues that have at times made physical touch very painful, and so I generally shy away from what I’ll call “the wrong kind” of touch. This means various injection sites (legs, shoulders, arms, hands, fingers, etc). The wrong timing (when I am not expecting it), wrong notification – not telling me you’re going […]

Does Alexa allow multi-part queries?

I think Alexa gets really interesting once you consider the possibility of doing multi-part queries, or adding data to a set and then asking for aggregate summaries based on that information. For example, a simple request for the calories in a specific order at a restaurant should be simple. Once Alexa skills move past the “only 1” paradigm, then the gloves will come off and we’ll be in future-town. Right now with just the basic logic, you can say “Alexa, how many calories are in a Big Mac at McDonalds” given that there is a McDs skill in reality. Alexa […]

Lorem Ipsum: A Love Story

I have used lorem ipsum generators tons of times to generate placeholder text for use in web designs. After a while, I guess this played on my mind, and I started to see a story in the text I was copying from mostly One — dark and stormy — night I generated a paragraph of lorem ipsum and pasted it into Sublime (my favorite text editor)¬†for my latest web project. This story is the result. Any words you don’t recognize are likely the latin from the lorem ipsum generator. I used them as they sounded to me at the […]