Science and the bible

It is a near foregone conclusion that science and the bible disagree. The problem is that we clump all science into the same thing, when it isn’t. Splitting hairs and making distinctions are useful when they tell a more accurate story. There is a difference between observational science and historical science. Observational science is the … Read more

If there’s a future we want it now

For some reason I am wired to not be satisfied with the current state of the world and technology. I just don’t feel like things are “there” yet. Not where I expected to be or where I consider far enough. Not sure what gives me that idea, but I just have these mental goals for … Read more

ready. set. go.

I am a “scanner” as Barbara Sher says in her book Refuse to Choose, a polymath, interested in everything, endlessly curious and an insatiable learner. I love to build, create, think, read, design, and a laundry list of other things too numerous to list. Ideas are like children to me. They deserve to be born and at … Read more